One should live to eat, not eat to live
— Moliere

Hi! My name is Alex AKA Hungry Little One.

Welcome to my blog!

I am a passionate cook who is always hungry! I am the kind of person that when having breakfast I thinking what I'm going to have for lunch and dinner, which drives my boyfriend (AKA The Big Man) absolutely nuts!

I love experimenting in the kitchen, keeping busy on weekends and having a few drinks with friends. I love reading and curl on the sofa in front of the tv with popcorn especially if it is Harry Potter! 

I live in London, I am half Spanish half French and my dad is Danish and it shows in my craziness and my cooking!

All pictures are taken by me, I am a beginner photographer so please bear with me!

I hope you like my blog, on Mondays I post recipes and Wednesday lifestyle posts, Fridays are for my top 5 favourites things I have seen over the week. My favourite recipes are for easy comfort food, so there will be plenty of that, but I will post healthy recipes as well as some fitness and products I find that help to relax and ways to de-stress. I will talk about some books I've read and bath and beauty products that I believe are going to rock your world! 
I want people to take better care of themselves by having a good life balance, taking time to relax and to recover from hard days in the office. I think there is no better remedy to stress than good homemade food and a book. Or a bath, or a movie night. Actually there is plenty of ways but in my opinion all involve good food! I have too many friends who after work have cereal for dinner and that isn't good. I hope you agree with me and try my recipes! It is so easy after all!

Have a wonder and don't doubt to contact me if you have any questions.

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