Chicken and Squid Paella

Oh Spain.. Sorry I was daydreaming..! As a good Spanish girl I love a good paella.
We were in Spain not long ago and had a great paella on the beach on our last day with family. It was the Big Man's first paella in Spain and he was delighted and stuffed to death.

My brother in law is from Valencia and makes the most amazing paellas ever (don't tell him I said that!).
Paella is a very Spanish thing but it is specifically from the Valencia region where they have different types of paella including one with snails!

Click Below for the recipe!

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Marinated Salmon Kebabs

The other day I was craving salmon so I bought some fresh salmon fillets but I am the only person that eats salmon at home and that is a problem.
What was I going to do with all that salmon? I had some amazing pasta with salmon, salmon papillotte and I still had some left! (I will post the recipes soon!) Believe me when I say I had enough salmon for the rest of the year, it was coming out of my ears.. but I had a bit left so I thought maybe I could put it in a salad for lunch instead of throwing it away. You should never throw salmon away, it's too good!

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