Learning About Photography with Artificial Light

2 peas in a pod food photography

One of my goals for this year was to learn something new. This year has been very up and down but I wanted to stick to the blog and I've always wanted to have great pictures of delicious food.

After a good search online, I found William Reavell who runs the Leith's food photography course and smaller classes in his studio. Will is an incredible host and teacher, he welcomes you in his studio with breakfast for an intensive day clicking away and getting inspired around food.

will reavell food photography training

We are still in the warm months of summer but I still have nightmares about the days getting shorter and the lack of light. I had to do a few dishes on a Sunday before the light had gone otherwise had to take pictures in artificial light and I have to admit it didn't look great or appetising.

Will found the solution and came to my (and many others) rescue with his new course for food bloggers AKA cooks with not a lot of time in their hands to wait for mother nature's light, or bloggers with small kitchens with no windows or.. well you get the idea; basically a course on how to use artificial light and still have scrumptious pictures.

Food photography training

What I wanted to take away from the course was the ability to take good enough pictures of food while using artificial light. While my flat right now has great big windows, I am moving houses at the end of august and unfortunately my kitchen will only have 1 small window and as the colder months arrive (way too quickly in my opinion) I don't want to panic. I wanted as well to learn the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom and post editing.

However, I learned that and much more. The class was intimate enough to get to know the other food bloggers and Will and his assistant Tara were so nice we could ask them any questions they always had an answer. They didn't mind if we were talking, testing lenses and we had plenty of time to take pictures of the great food Tara prepared.

artificial light photography

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I haven't used any of the techniques yet as there is still plenty of light until pretty late at night. However I do have plenty of notes and when September and October roll out and make the days darker I will be ready with my artificial light!

William Reavell food photography training

I would recommend this course to anybody interested in food photography. No matter what, at some point you will need to use artificial light. It is a great course for those starting out a blog and those that have had it for years.

Note: I received a discount on the course for writing this review but all opinions are mine.