6 Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentines day

I am a sucker for Valentine's day. A colleague at work says it's rubbish and  you should treat your other half like it's Valentine's day everyday. As much as I believe that, we are all guilty of not treating everyday like a special day, and if we did that, what would a special day be?

Here are a few ideas to make it that little bit more special. And for the men out there, don't forget the flowers!

Cinema day out

I am not talking of going to the cinema you always go to. Find that special cinema where you can sing along, or that one that has beds or big sofas to sit on. Go watch a movie you normally wouldn't, like a french or foreign movie with subtitles. Make it special.

love forever

Afternoon tea

I always have the feeling afternoon teas are for special occasions. no matter how many times I try making scones it just never works so for me having plain, raisin, chocolate chips scones served with clotted cream, jam, etc is very special and definitely not an everyday thing. Otherwise I would be so big I wouldn't be able to leave my house.



Nowadays you can find experiences for everything and anything. Think, driving a Porsche for men, spy school, clay shooting or indoor skydiving. For us girls, massages, beauty treatments, personal shopping or yoga vouchers. Anything you can imagine exists out there.


Day out

Days out are always a great way to make new memories. A day at the zoo or at the spa. at an exhibition or museum. Why not take the car and go somewhere you have never been? You could have lunch in a nice pub on the road. We went to Oxforda couple years ago, visited one of the colleges, walked around some of the amazing landmarks and had lunch in a great little pub on the way there. It was lovely. A short day out in Brighton, Bath, Bristol are all such sweet places and you will love it. If you want to splurge you could book a hotel overnight and make t that extra special.


Cookery class

Are you surprised I added this to the list? You shouldn't! You could do a class together for example a chocolate making class, pastries, pizza making or even cocktail making. It is always good fun to do these with you other half or if you're single take some friends and have a laugh!


Indoor Picnic

Picnics can be very romantic, but February is wet, cold and miserable and it doesn't make you think of picnics. Get some picnic food (a quiche, a pie, sandwiches etc), some chocolates, a bottle of bubbly, and lay a blanket on the floor with lots of cushions. Turn off your phones, turn on some candles and fairy lights and imagine you are in a private garden on a summer's night. You could even blindfold your partner and make them guess what it is they are eating. Add a chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows, it's always a winner. And leave the washing and cleaning for the day after!


A cute little idea to do a few days before is to ask your better half what they want to do, you each write in 3 different papers 3 ideas. Fold them and put them in a jar or a hat or anything like that, mix and each draw 1 paper. Decide out of the 2 which one you both want to do or do them both.

I hope you like these. Share in the comments below yours or tweet them to me @hungrylittleone.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! X