Chorizo cooked in Cider

chorizo in cider

From time to time I really miss real Spanish food. But it is so expensive in London and in my opinion not the real deal. Ingredients aren't expensive so I cannot understand why the portions are so small and so expensive. The other day, we went to a Spanish restaurant and it was so disappointing I nearly cried. The English owner butchered the Serrano ham leg and gave us butter with it, we ordered ham croquetas(classic Spanish version is usually filled with bechamel and Serrano ham) and they had potato and cooked ham inside and no salt.. Now, I'm not saying potato croquettes aren't good. They can be delicious. Those didn't taste of anything. As a true Spaniard I was upset and was just craving real Spanish food. Since I brought lots of Serrano ham from Gran Canaria I decided to have a Spanish tapas night at home.

Chorizo cooked in cider is one of those dishes that everybody likes and it is so simple to make I am pretty sure you will make it again and again. Have with some crusty bread. It is originally from the region of Asturias where they have amazing dry apple cider.

chorizo a la sidra

Here is what you need:

150g Spanish chorizo cut in small pieces
tsp smoked paprika
1 bay leaf
1 small garlic clove
300ml of dry apple cider (not sparkling if you can)

In a hot pan put the chorizo. You won't need any oil as the chorizo will already release fat. Cook it for a couple minutes and then add the garlic, cider, paprika and bay leaf. Let it cook until the sauce has reduced slightly, about 10minutes.

Let me know in the comments what are your favourite Spanish tapas or you can tweet me at @hungrylittleone.

Enjoy! X