Lemon Posset with Shortbread

Lemon posset

Many believe Valentine's Day is a commercial thing, they might be right but I love it. There are hearts everywhere, people look that little bit happier, roses are on sale, social media looks cute and restaurants become extortionate. I am a hopeless romantic and I am not afraid to admit it, but going out for dinner on Valentine's day is usually a big NO NO unless there is no other option. And that comes from someone who loves going out for dinner.

Here is an easy dessert you can do the day before and it won't take long. If you don't make the shortbread it will take exactly 5 minutes!

The posset is creamy and zingy a bit like a lemon mousse and absolutely delicious. You will love it! It is as well very nice to have it in summer as it is very fresh and makes a great addition to a barbeque.

This recipe is for 4 small ramekins, you can double for 8 for a dinner party. You could as well make 2 medium ramekins with this recipe, have some bubbly, share one between you two and see where the night takes you ;)

Here is what you need for the posset (2 medium ramekins or 4 small ones) :

300ml double cream
90g caster sugar
juice of 1 lemon

In a large pan, mix the sugar and cream and bring to the boil while stirring so the sugar dissolves. Boil for 3-4minutes. Make sure the pan is big because the cream will expand and rise when boiling. Take it off the heat and mix in the lemon juice. Strain and pour in 2 ramekins. Let cool and put in the fridge for at least 4 hours or over night.

lemon posset valentines day

For the shortbread:

200g butter at room temperature
100g sugar
300g flour
vanilla extract
1 lemon zest (optional)

pre-heat the oven at 150 degrees. Mix the butter and sugar together until it becomes a light cream. You can do this with a wooden spoon or a mixer. Rub in the flour until it creates crumbs and then add the lemon zest.
Make a ball with the dough and cover the bottom of a lined baking tin or flatten it and with a cookie cutter make some circles or any shape you want.
Cook for 20-30 minutes until slightly golden and not longer doughy. Leave to cool and enjoy with the sweet lemon posset or a nice cup of tea.

What do you like doing for Valentine's Day? What will you do for your Valentine? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy! X