January Favourites

january favourites

I don't know where the month has gone but it feels like yesterday it was New Year's Eve and suddenly it's February.

January is usually a time when I feel very homesick but I've had quite a busy month and out of the 4 weeks, I've only been home in London 2 of them. It seems like next month will be somewhat similar with a lot of work and another trip to Sweden on my calendar. But I look forward to it and I slowly feel the days get longer; I no longer wait for the bus in what feels like the middle of the night. For a summer girl like me, this is good news!

Yesterday, while driving through London I noticed trees already have buds on them and are getting ready for Spring which seems ridiculous to me. But then again, we had a very strange winter.

These have been my favourite moments and things for this month.

Favourite moment

As I said, I love the sun and summer. Landing in Gran Canaria with nearly 30 degrees was bliss. I didn't want to leave. Add to that, the afternoons sunbathing by the pool, nights dancing and star gazing, the beautiful sunsets and the hotel buffet. And well I'm going to add the conferences weren't too bad and quite instructive. After all, it was a work trip.

Favourite lipstick

ciate lipstick

I bought these lipsticks not long ago and I fell in love. They are creamy, hydrating and all 3 colours look beautiful with my complexion. I remember the first time I saw Olivia Palermo on The City series back in 2009, I wasn't sure I really liked her. But she has grown on me and have to admit her collection with Ciate is pretty amazing. These are perfect for everyday wear and even night wear. Velveteen is a classic red that would look beautiful on a night out in the town and the nudes just look perfect for brunch on weekends or work. This is the satin kiss collection with the colours Velveteen, Truffle and Praline.

Favourite coat

I am the kind of girl who is always cold. I am not exaggerating, I am always cold. Ok, not in summer in spain but in winter? Always. I was very excited to go to Sweden couple weeks ago but at the same time, terrified I was going to be cold. I forgot Scandinavian houses and building are built to keep the warmth inside so I was definitely not cold inside. However -20 outside is another story. I bought this coat in Uniqlo and it's amazing. I wasn't cold in Sweden and I wasn't cold in London or sweating for that matter! Usually, when a coat is really warm I can't wear it in London.. But I've been wearing it every day and it's bliss. It keeps this horrible cold wind away, it has a massive hood that covers my whole head on rainy days, even if I have my hair up and best of all, it keeps me warm. I'm never taking it off again. Until summer.

Favourite TV

I watch a lot of TV. It's always on. Most of the time there isn't a lot worth watching but I love rubbish TV. It turns me into a brainless veg and sometimes it's just what I need. This month I have been watching some old stuff, such as Grey's Anatomy season 8. I love Meredith and Patrick Dempsey's hair. Old Criminal Minds, when you are on season 11 you kinda forget what happened on seasons 5, 6, 7. Same thing with Bones. Pick Tv have just started season 1 and I haven't seen season one since I started uni in 2008. I watched as well season 1 and 2 of vampire diaries. What travelling does to you.. On the new shows, I have been pretty obsessed with Scream Queens. I love Emma Roberts and Leah Michelle is pretty good as well. I good dose of stupidity/ comedy on Monday evenings! And I want Chanel's wardrobe. I have been loving American Horror Story Hotel even though is very creepy. I swear, each serie gets creepier. Everybody ahs been telling me to watch Ture Detective and making a murderer so I think that will be for February.

Favourite Food

pasta tortellini

I got a slow cooker for Christmas and I have been trying to make a few things. I made a lovely veal stew with pasta and a roast chicken that just fell off the bone and it was all delicious. I will have to experiment a bit more before I can post any recipes but I will keep you posted. I bought lots of Spanish Serrano ham so I have been eating a lot of that with a bit of tomato, garlic and olive oil. I made an amazing 3 Cheeses Tortellini Bake and had leftovers for a week but you should definitely try! January is a hard month so haven't been out for dinner much. However I went to Yalla Yalla not long ago and as always, it didn't disappoint.

Favourite Blogs

I have been doing a bit of wondering and looking for new blogs to follow and connect with. And to be honest with you, I have been so busy I haven't done as much as I would have liked to. Apart from the ones I always read and follow, I found these 2 lovely bloggers with great blogs. Gin and Giraffes is written by Sian and I love her honest posts and her ramblings. I was very impressed with her Pacman cake!
What Chloe Cooked is a food blog written by Chloe. I love her simple recipes and she id definitely right when she says you need her Mac and Cheese with Nduja in your life. Believe me.

Let me know what has been your favourite moments these past few weeks in the comments below!