15 Minute Pad Thai

Pad Thai

The Big Man works quite often with School of Wok in Covent Garden and after we met them at the Taste of London, they gave me a few boxes of Jeremy's new noodle kits to taste and review.

School of Wok was founded by Chef Jeremy Pang in 2012, they do classes where you can learn how to make everything Asian and Oriental, from dim-sums and sushi to making your own Chinese Take Away.

jeremy pang

Jeremy has just created a new product to help you make quick, delicious and authentic Asian dishes at home. Each box contains everything you need except fresh ingredients such as veggies and meat or fish.

We tried the Pad Thai as it has always been a favourite and it did not disappoint.

I got a Wok a few years ago that I still hadn't seasoned so we thought it would be the perfect time to get it ready and use it. We went to see the Big Man's family in Bournemouth with our wok in hand and we all sat in the kitchen around it on a high heat (gas hob) and all the windows open with our coats on.. It was quite a scene!

pad thai noodle kit

It was eventually ready and seasoned so it was time to cook!

The instructions at the back of the box where very easy to follow and the results were surprisingly good! Usually these kind of products have too much sauce, too much sweetness and in my opinion it's just average. This had the right amount of sauce, it wasn't too sweet and it just made perfect sense plus the portion was perfect for 2.

Jeremy had the genius idea of the "Wok Clock" where you get everything prepared before so the dish is cooked as fast as possible. You just have to prepare all ingredients in the order you are going to use them, clockwise.


On the Pad Thai box it said to use prawn, but we don't really like seafood so we used chicken. I pre-cooked it beforehand slightly so it wouldn't take too long on the wok but you could put it in the wok raw.

I don't make Asian food very often because it isn't my favourite and it just seems very hard to make but this was so easy that I will definitely be making it a lot more. And it felt very authentic to me. The whole dish was done in about 20minutes. It says it is a 15min dish but with the prep and the fact I changed the prawns for the chicken it took a little longer. Either way, it is still very quick and very tasty. It would otherwise be 15min.


3 of the 6 boxes are now on sale in Tesco but the whole range will soon be available for you to try!

Let me know if you try them and check out School of Wok's classes as well there's bound to be something you will want to learn to make!

Enjoy! X

Disclaimer: These boxes were free of charge and I decided to write a review but it comes without saying that all opinions are my own.