Our Spring bank Holiday

I remember summer weekends in Spain, having drinks in the terrace eating tapas with friends or family and enjoying the weather; but as much as I miss those, and believe me I am quite homesick, I wouldn’t have changed this weekend for anything!

Saturday we had a massive spring clean and after so much dust, books and old clothes everywhere and a very well deserved shower, I started preparing the food for our little Eurovision party. I made amazing baked sticky chicken wings, they are super easy and can be done in the oven as well as on the BBQ. I will share the recipe in the next few days.

Big Man made pizzas and we ate and drank a lot, danced and sang and took embarrassing selfies. We each supported our countries and I shouted a lot in Spanish during the points counting. It was a great evening!

Sunday was hard to wake up for but after a needed gym sesh we headed towards Syon Park in West London for the Foodie’s Festival. Now that was the highlight of the weekend! Put me in a place with lots of food, music and drinks and I am happy. Add warm weather and good company and I am in heaven! Syon Park near Richmond is beautiful, perfect for walking the dog with the family or have a picnic and this event did not disappoint! We got there at 12pm, there were no queues to go in, hardly any waiting for food and drinks and lots of space to sit.

We ate a considerable amount of food, from a mac and cheese hotdog, a bacon and camembert crepe and oysters to delicate macarons, sweet cakes and liquorice; there is something for everybody, even the pickiest of eaters! As for the drinks, they had everything you could wish for: fresh juices, cordials, Pimm’s, G&T, cocktails, wine and even champagne. We didn’t think the food was too expensive, but some of the drinks were, so the bottle of water we brought was handy. You can get normal and VIP tickets at the entrance or online (VIP tickets which include goodie bag and private area as well as seats on the different demonstration stages).

We even bought a few things that I can’t wait to try like super tasty chicken sausages and a ceramic pan and I signed up for Gousto meals as well! I will make sure I write a review of these so don’t forget to come back to read them!

Make sure you check out on their website for future dates so you can enjoy a day full of food and drinks with friends!

Monday we relaxed and watched movies. We needed to charge up batteries after a busy weekend and before a busy week!

What did you do over the bank holiday? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @hungrylittleone

Have a lovely week!