Spring To-Do and wishlist!

Picture taken by my amazing sister

Picture taken by my amazing sister

Spring is here now and as the sun shows more, it is time to try news things, get ready for the summer and do a proper spring clean of the house!

First of all, I am all about food so I want to try some news recipes: starting with my own pasta. A colleague told me about Nife is Life (http://www.nifeislife.com/) which is an online shop for all Italian things at an incredible price. So definitely, this spring I will try making pasta.

I am trying to be healthier and probably go more to the gym this Spring; so the plan is to train for a 5k.

This involves new running clothes (I've got to treat myself sometimes right?!) and try new foods. Not long ago I found out I actually do like guacamole. I know you must be wondering where I have been hiding for the past few years but in my defence, I am a bit slow..

Carrying on with the food topic, here are a few kitchen appliances I would love to buy as well:

1- The mesto kitchen mortar and pestle

You probably haven't heard about the Mesto, but wondering around the internet I found this new product coming out later this month that looks like THE thing I need in my kitchen. I gave up on my mortar and pestle. I found it too heavy and too annoying to use, all the ingredients were always falling out of it, it was a mess. This is the answer to all my problems! It has a kind of lid which is perfect for curry sauces and grinding seeds without them flying in the room! And you can make 3 different mixes or grinding without having to wash inbetween them! Check it out on their website http://www.mestokitchen.com/ and make sure you come back to buy it on the 26th of April at a discounted price! I will be using this for my new found love for Guacamole! Don't fret, once I buy it I will write a review n here in case you still have your doubts. I can't wait to try it!

2- The nutribullet

I love smoothies so the nutribullet is one of those things that for some reason I haven't bought but I've been meaning to for ages.. I did say I am a bit slow! This goes hand in hand with the "being healthier goal". I would love a simple blender where I can put spinach and kale with mango and apple and kiwi for breakfast (yum) and doesn't leave me with a horrible lumpy drink. I find all the blenders I've tried before leave me with a lumpy smoothie and that is just not nice. The juicers I've tried just need too much cleaning and I don't have the patience. So from what I hear the nutribullet is the way to go.

3- A ceramic pan

I keep hearing a lot about these ceramic pans and how nothing sticks and they are easy to clean. Apart from that I don't really know much about it. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews so we'll have to try and see how it is! I will keep you posted!

Doing a Spring clean in my flat would involve a lot of time and a lot of patience (that I don't have) but I have been reading this amazing blog called organize my house and she seems to have the answer to my prayers with lots of shortcuts and ideas so I will to follow her advise and get some cleaning done! You can check her blog out at http://www.organisemyhouse.com/ 
I used some of her ideas when I was moving out but my flat definitely needs some TLC and Spring is the perfect time for it! Let's see if I can find the time for it!

What are your thoughts? Do you have any goals or wishlists for this Spring?

Let me know in the comments below!