Triple Cheesy Grilled Cheese

I know it is the last few days of April, but a little birdie told me April is grilled cheese month and as a cheese lover I couldn't pass the opportunity to do some experimenting in the kitchen.

Big Man loves cheese as well so we first thought, we are going to make 1 a week. But then I never found the right cheese to put in a sandwich. A trip to Whole Foods Market solved all our problems and we left the shop with plenty of cheeses, nut butters and some other bit and bobs.

For my grilled cheese, I usually just put lots of butter and edam or gouda and red Leicester. Not very flavourful but such a cheesy treat! But these are special, so I chose a classic French brie and bacon on brioche, and indulgent French raclette cheese and a luscious smoked cheddar on wholemeal bread.

After eating these 3 sandwiches I can tell you we couldn't possibly eat anymore but they were delicious and so worth it. In the end we were very happy with the results so I decided to share with you all 3 of them. The raclette cheese one was a bit heavy but so tasty,  this would be enough for dinner. The smoked one was too much for me but it was the Big Man's favourite out of the three. The brie and bacon one in the brioche was mellow and it melts in your mouth and the bacon helped to add a bit more flavour. It's a classic and always a winning combination!

Here is what you need to do:

Cut the bread in slices that aren't too thick and butter each side. Heat to a medium heat a big pan where the 2 pieces of bread will fit next to each other. 
Put the bread on the pan, after a couple minutes or so (the bread should be toasted not burned), turn them over and put the cheese on. Leave it for another couple minutes until the bread is brown and toasted and the cheese more or less melted.
Take off the heat and close the sandwich or before you close, you can add anything you want inside. This can be bacon (cooked), salad, avocado or anything you want really. I don't like salad when it goes warm so I keep away from my burgers, sandwiches etc. but you are more than welcome to put it in your sandwich!

What do you put in your grilled cheese? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy! x