Chicken and Squid Paella

Oh Spain.. Sorry I was daydreaming..! As a good Spanish girl I love a good paella.
We were in Spain not long ago and had a great paella on the beach on our last day with family. It was the Big Man's first paella in Spain and he was delighted and stuffed to death.

My brother in law is from Valencia and makes the most amazing paellas ever (don't tell him I said that!).
Paella is a very Spanish thing but it is specifically from the Valencia region where they have different types of paella including one with snails!

I am not a huge fan of seafood so I always order the mixed one and let other people eat the seafood. It adds nice flavour but the texture in my mouth just feels like nails on a blackboard.

This is a simple paella recipe to make at home, you can add some prawns after grilling lightly as well as peppers, courgettes, vegetables, diced chorizo, clams and other seafood. Use what you have in your fridge.

This one has squid rings (calamri) and chicken. It was all I had!

Here is what you need for around 2-3 people but just add more rice and more stock to make it for more people:

4 chicken thigh fillets diced
150g rice
700ml good chicken stock
150g squid rings
1 clove of garlic
salt and pepper to season
1/2 tsp of paprika
10 strands of saffron

Fry the chicken with a little bit of oil and season well. Put to the side and fry the squid rings for a few minutes in oil. Add the chicken and the rice to the pan (as well as any other ingredients you are putting in the paella). Let the rice a minute or so soak up the flavours before you add the stock.
Heat up the stock , add the saffron, mix it well and add it to the rice. Leave it to cook in a big frying pan under medium heat. You could use a saucepan or a pot but I find it doesn't really look like a paella and the rice doesn't taste the same but if it is easier for you just do it that way.
It should take about 30-40min, but if the rice is still a bit hard once all the stock has been absorbed, add some boiling water on top to cook some more.

Serve with a quartered lemon.