Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies, Her and Him

If you are anything like me, or simply crazy busy, you might have left your Christmas shopping to the last minute and now you are panicking and have no ideas of what to get. My birthday is in a couple days and Christmas in just 1 week and I still haven't done any Christmas shopping!

But no need to panic, here is the solution! I have compiled for you a little list with present ideas for foodies, Her and Him. Plus I have Amazon Prime so I'll be fine right?

These are easy to find and bit unusual. Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Have you compile a list of ideas? Would love to see it! So don't forget to share it with me on Twitter or in the comments below!


1.  I Love this tea press from Bodum. It's so pretty and tea lovers will definitely use it.

2. How cute are these cups? they are a perfect match with the tea press!

3. I thought this was a great idea. Late nights, the last thing you want to do is put a pot on and make rice. This goes in the microwave and cooks rice to perfection. They have a whole range of cooking in the microwave, so if you have a busy foodie friend this is the perfect present.

4. We all know what a spiralizer does. Perfect for pasta dishes without pasta! This one is a small version, it doesn't take too much space and it keeps all the spiralized veggies in its container so less mess! 

5. Now, this is a must for the winter! I love toasted marshmallows but unfortunately I don't have a fire pit or anything to make them on. Comes in the marshmallow toaster kit. It has a little fire pit you can use anywhere! Invite some friends, have some mulled drink and toasted marshmallows. You won't be able to stop eating them!


1. This necklace is very cute and I am obsessed with the infinity sign. It can be customised with whatever you want it to say. It would be a prefect present to a sister or your mum. So she knows you do think about her!

2. I have been using this morning oil for the past few months and it is amazing. my skin is very dry and this really helps after the shower and before my moisturiser. I love how it smells like oranges, it makes me smile.

3. What girl doesn't like a nice smokey eye? This palette has everything you need for perfect smokey eyes and it is small enough to carry with you everywhere. The eye liner lasts long and the brush is great for applying eye shadow.


5. This is a staple under my tree for all the girles I need to get presents to. The apple comes with a small shower gel, a glittery body lotion, body butter and a sugar scrub. And in my opinion for £17 it is a great present! They have it in green apple and frosted plum as well and they all smell amazing.


1. I am the wine drinker in the house, but I know my dad would love this with a special date on it.

2. For all the heat lovers out there, this is the perfect present, 5 little bottles with hot spices to add to your favourite dish! Great for the bbq.

3. For all those men that have big beards or moustaches, please take care of them! Nothing worse than an unkept beard, that is itchy! The solution, a grooming kit for beards and moustaches with small combs and waxes and oils. All you need to be a proper hipster with a beard!

4. Us girls have beauty boxes we get in the post with lots of goodies. Who said men couldn't have that? Sign up your man to a 6, 12 or 18 week supply of all things shaving or just buy 1 box and let him decide whether he wants to keep it. in your first box you get a razor handle, 6 razors, and you can decide whether you want to receive facial wash, scrub and shaving soap. Have a look it is a pretty good idea for all men that shave!

5. As you can tell I like my men groomed so here is another bag of goodies. I love Kiehl's and for the Christmas season they have this bag full of their collection Fuel. It comes in a little bag so perfect for those that travel often.

Let me know what you think of this list and don't forget to share with me your Christmas gifts ideas!

Merry Christmas! x