Degustabox September + Peanut Butter Cups


It is already autumn and I cannot believe it! Last month’s Degustabox was full of goodies and by the end of the day we had already eaten all of it…

If you don’t know Degustabox, it is an amazing service that sends you a surprise box every month full of treats and many are new to the market! Each box contains 9 to 14 products that range from sauces to snacks and drinks. And it is cheaper than you would pay at the supermarket! Each box is £12.99 including delivery but if you use my special discount code you will get an amazing £6 off (BLDEG15)! Don’t miss this opportunity and get next month’s box on their website!  

Here is my review of last month’s box with what we thought of each product and don’t miss my surprise cookies below.

·       UP & GO: these are breakfast drinks from Australia and similar to the Weetabix drinks. They were handy when you are very busy in the morning but looking closely to the ingredients I found it had a lot of sugar so maybe not to have every day! But they tasted good and I prefer these to the Weetabix ones.

·       Compete energy bites: They are like little pieces of chocolate with coffee. It was ok but I am not a huge fan of coffee though the boys liked it.

·       Jelly babies: If you have never heard of jelly babies I would ask if you live under a rock. But it seems it only exists in the UK as I have never seen them anywhere. Personal opinion: I hate them. The big man loves them.

·       Maynards Wine Gums: YUM! Is all I can say! Perfect munching while watching tv…

·       Sweet Sally Tea: Refreshing Ceylon black tea, brewed with Spanish oranges and Sicilian lemons and a hint of cinnamon and cloves. It was very nice and I think it would have been nicer on a hot summer’s day with ice! I will buy again.

·       Mallow and Marsh: It says it all in the name, marshmallow! This little box contains 3 super spongy raspberry marshmallows. I wasn’t a huge fan of these but I have tried the toasted coconut ones and they are the best marshmallows I have tried! They say to try one of them with a squeeze of lime and I have to say the way it melts in your mouth and the tangy flavour is beyond anything you have tasted before! Will definitely buy again.

·       The Olive Shop EVOO: I love EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), I prefer Spanish but this one is pretty good and it goes beautifully with salads and pastas. I highly recommend it.

·       Kent’s kitchen Szechuan noodles: remember pot noodles? Well these are the same concept, completely different flavour. They are pretty good and I was quite surprised. Worth giving it a try, especially if you like pot noodles or if you have a cold and are bed bound or on one of those lazy days after work!

·       The Good Cider: Spanish cider. I got apple and pear and they were both so good, I couldn’t recommend them more!

·       Rees’s Penut butter cups: well, I am a peanut butter lover so these could never go wrong. As always, deliciousness in a bite. Share or not, that is up to you. Check out my very peanut-buttery cookies recipe below.


Peanut butter dough cups

These are pretty good, but you have to love peanut butter. It has the consistency of cookie dough and it goes amazing with ice cream.

I am missing the pictures, by the time the camera was ready, the plate was empty so I need to make them again.

This recipe is adapted from the girl who ate everything. You can check her pictures, they look great!

Here is what you need:

-      270g all-purpose flour

-      ½ tsp salt

-      1 tsp baking powder

-      115g butter, soft

-      100g caster sugar

-      100g brown sugar

-      70g peanut butter (smooth or crunchy, your choice)

-      1 egg, beaten

-      1tsp vanilla extract

-      2tsp milk

-      Mini Reese’s butter cups or normal ones quartered

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees (180FAN) and line a small cupcake tin.

Mix the flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl. In another bowl cream the butter, sugar peanut butter and brown sugar until it is fluffy. Add the vanilla and milk and egg one egg at a time mixing thoroughly in between eggs. Make small balls and put in each lined cupcake hole. Cook for 10-15min and when it comes out immediately push the butter cups into each ball so the chocolate melts. Let them cool for 10 min before you get them out of the tin.

Let me know if you try the recipe in the comments below and don’t forget to check degustabox!

Here is their website, Facebook and Twitter and my £6 discount: BLDEG15

Enjoy! x